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HomeReady® Mortgage Program

HomeReady® Mortgage

Our low down payment HomeReady® Mortgage program is designed to provide affordable opportunities for first-time home buyers.

Make NCB Your Mortgage Lending Home Today

Purchasing your first home is so exciting! At National Capital Bank we understand what it takes to become a home owner. Our mortgage lending specialists will customize the perfect solution to meet your unique needs.

To learn more meet our mortgage specialists below.

Why is a HomeReady Mortgage best for me?

Affordable Mortgage Insurance

Reduced mortgage insurance coverage requirement above 90% LTV; cancellable once the equity reaches 20%

As low as 3% Down Payment

Low down payment for home purchase or refinance

Home Ownership Education

Fannie Mae HomeView® helps pave the way for borrowers to achieve successful homeownership; other education and housing counseling options are available.

HomeReady is a registered trademark of Fannie Mae.

Meet Our Mortgage Lending Specialists

Manjur Ahmed

Vice President, Mortgage Lending Director, NMLS# 604387, Direct Line: 202-878-6337

Lashay Thompson

Bank Officer, Mortgage Support Specialist, NMLS# 2225588, Direct Line: 202-845-8551