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Treasury Management Services

Disbursement Services

Our Disbursement Services make getting and sending your cash quick and easy — all with the control, security, and monitoring you’d expect from National Capital Bank.

Online Wire Transfers

Our online wire transfer service enables you to initiate, domestic and international transfers in U.S. dollars or foreign currency. 

  • Through your Business Online Banking access, initiate, schedule and check the status of wire transfers. 
  • Save details of frequent payees and set up templates for recurring payments. 
  • Our Business Mobile Banking offers the ability to approve wires while you are on the go.  
  • Cut-off times for sending wire transfers are 4:00 p.m. for domestic and 2:00 p.m. for international. 

ACH Payments for Businesses

These electronic transactions offer lower costs, help streamline operations, provide greater flexibility and convenience for managing your businesses payments. 

  • They are more secure, faster than a check and cheaper than a credit card.  
  • And in today’s digital world, ACH payments are a vital service for businesses of all sizes.  

Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from ACH payments.

Zero Balance Accounts

For enhanced control and record keeping, NCB's zero balance accounts help with managing multiple disbursement accounts ensuring your excess cash is not sitting idle. This service improves your business cash flow and provides an inexpensive way to concentrate daily deposits. Automatic transfers between accounts eliminate the need to monitor balances and manually initiate transfers.

Fees may apply to Treasury Management Services.  Please refer to our Business Banking Fee Schedule for details.