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National Capital Financial Group

Preparing for Your Financial Future

In addition to serving your day-to-day financial needs, National Capital Bank is committed to helping you plan for a successful financial future. Our wealth management division, National Capital Financial Group, can work closely with you to develop a sound financial plan and implement an investment strategy.

National Capital Financial Group (NCFG) provides financial planning and investment services to individuals, families, and non-profits. NCFG was opened as the investment department of National Capital Bank in 1998 to assist customers with financial planning and non-bank investments. The group changed its name to National Capital Financial Group in 2012. NCFG’s two financial advisors, R. Andrew Didden, Jr., AIF ® and Angela M. Beckham, CFA, CFP®, EA operate with the full resource support of the National Capital Bank, and our broker-dealer Cetera Advisor Networks. The investment team at NCFG will guide you through the process of developing a financial plan and building an individually tailored investment portfolio.


R. Andrew Didden, Jr., AIF ®

Financial Advisor and Chief Investment Officer
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Angela M. Beckham, CFA, CFP®, EA

Financial Advisor
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Lois Mastel

Office Manager
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Our services include financial planning and investment management. Our clients receive advice on topics such as:

  • Whether their financial resources are sufficient to retire at a given level of spending,
  • When and how to take their pension benefits,
  • The tax implications of selling their homes or using home equity lines of credit,
  • Investing in a tax-efficient manner,
  • Setting up a retirement withdrawal plan including direct deposits and tax withholding,
  • Using existing annuities or evaluating annuity products in context of their plan.

Our investment management services are provided on an fiduciary advisory basis, and are tailored to each client’s individual risk tolerances and financial needs. Examples of products that we purchase for our clients include:

  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • No-load mutual funds
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Variable annuities